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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thank Everybody for Everything!

Thank you to Adam Packard, a good friend who is reading a personal development book a day for 365 days!  You can check out his video series and the review of "Thank Everybody for Everything." 

I start every day by filling out my daily journal and recording three things in my Gratitude Expressions - Five year gratitude journal that I'm grateful for.  I can always find something to be grateful for - and it improves my attitude.  We have so much to be thankful for in our lives - family, friends, pets, loved ones, clients, team members, blue skies, rain for healthy grass and trees, even the unexpected things that we think are annoyances but turn out for the best. The list is endless.    I like to believe that all things work together for good - that was my grandmother Peggy's favorite Bible quote.

What are you grateful for?  Are you taking time each day to say your thanks and offer a big thank you for everything you have?

Thanks for everything! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aloha - from Hawaii

This is our last day in beautiful Hawaii. The trip was possible because of SendOutCards and our CardDivas team. We (Teresa and I) qualified for the VIP Incentive trip. This is our second opportunity to spend time with the SendOutCards leadership and we have appreciated every minute.

We arrived in Honolulu on Tuesday Feb 28 after a long flight from Atlanta. The flight was bearable though - we called it a three movie, two meal, one snack and two beer flight. It was great to get caught up on some recent movies I missed - Crazy Stupid Love, Dolphin Tale, and Moneyball.

Upon arrival we got our car and easily found our hotel - the Modern Honolulu. Turned out to be a excellent choice. The room was beautiful, the service impeccable, the wait staff handsome and helpful. We were very near the Hilton Lagoon and Village as well as the Mauna Loa Mall - a very high end shopping center. We "shopped" at Neiman Marcus but saved a lot of money by leaving our purchases for later.

The first evening we ate sushi at the hotel and caught up on our sleep after a 29 hour day. We awoke to overcast skies but didn't let that dim our spirits. When the sun came out you'd find us at the pool trying to get what few rays we could.

That evening we met friends George and Sandy, also with SOC, from Arizona. We enjoyed mai tais at the Royal Hawaiian. We made friends with Milton from Australia who was finishing a 25 day holiday. Then Teresa and I headed to the Chart House for stuffed mushrooms, nachos and martinis - not exactly island fare but just what we needed. We enjoyed the two man guitar band and made friends with Derrick, the lead singer.

 Thursday morning we caught a few rays and then headed north to the famous North Shore and the Turtle Bay Resort. We stopped along the way for fresh pineapple, mango and coconut. We also scored a couple of native woven handbags to carry our "stuff".

The Resort setting is spectacular and every room has an ocean view. We upgraded to a suite and were glad we did for the extra space as well as a full on ocean view. We even saw some whales from our balcony! There was an SOC get together the first night. Time to say hello to both old and new friends. After the meeting everyone headed to Olas at the hotel for dinner.  Good food but no idea we were coming (200 of us) so the service was very iffy. 

Friday was a free day.  We took a long walk along Turtle Bay but sadly saw no turtles.  We visited the stables and I was able to get a few horse "kisses".  Then we went into town for Garlic Shrimp at Titas roadside "cafe."  Great food and we got to watch a young man try and eat a two pound hamburger - the Pounder!  He actually did it.  Then we were off to the Polynesian Cultural Center for a full day of immersion into the island cultures.  We learned lots we didn't know including the Center is run by the LDS Church and allows the young people who work there to work their way through school before returning to their home islands.  The weather got really rainy but we still had a good time.  We attended a dinner luau - food was really excellent and then an evening show - Ha! The Breath of Life.  The hula dancers, the singing and the fire baton twirlers were amazing! 

Saturday morning dawned rainy but we had a great time with the SOC Leadership in a meeting where Kody, Jordan Adler and Eric Worre were the primary speakers.  Always lots to learn.  We love knowing that our company is definitely headed in the right direction and Kody is firmly committed to SendOutCards becoming a billion dollar household name!  Nice to be a part of something so exciting with people we love!

The afternoon actually gave us some sunshine and the chance to watch some of our fellow SOC friends try their skill at surfing.  For dinner we had an on-site luau - again, amazing food.  Kody treated us to another performance by the young people from the Cultural Center including a very young man who performed the fire batons!

Sunday most of our SOC friends headed for other ports - either home or additional vacationing.  We stayed and enjoyed the wild surf from the safety of our room where we stayed dry and caught up on all kinds of things.  We were very satisfied with our entire trip and we were grateful with all of the new opportunities it presented.  We enjoyed a great Italian dinner at the hotel and started the packing chore to head home.

Next year we hope many of you will be with us at the VIP Incentive Trip, wherever it is.  However, you don't have to wait that long - join us on Monday March  19 at 6 p.m. at the Law Offices of Hoyt & Bryan Learning Center for a Basic Training and Opportunity Meeting.  A regional Treat Em Right is scheduled for Saturday May 5, 2012 in Tampa and the National Convention begins June 6 in Las Vegas!

SendOutCards is a great product and a great opportunity.  For less than $10 a month you can become a customer for life and start changing lives by sending a card a day!  For anyone interested in a business opportunity where you can surround yourself with really awesome people, this is it!  Hope to see you soon!  Aloha!