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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Animal Legal Defense Fund : Clarifying the Supreme Court's United States v. Stevens Opinion

Monday, April 26, 2010

Puppy Love -

Puppy Love

As a relatively “new mother” of now 17 week old puppies (not to mention my three adult dogs), I am aware of the multitude of benefits pets bring to our lives. AARP recently reported the following statistics: 24% of pet owners over 55 celebrate their pet’s birthdays and 57% of pet owners over 55 say their pets are more likely than their significant other to give them welcome-home kisses.

This last statistic confirms my admonitions to my husband that most marriages would benefit from a few lessons learned from dogs. If all spouses greeted each other with the enthusiasm expressed by a welcoming dog, the divorce rate should decline substantially. I can hardly get out of my car upon arrival home; I always have four wet noses trying to climb into the front seat and onto my lap. (Note: the only reason my fifth dog doesn’t join the “welcoming committee” is she goes to work with me everyday and is already with me.) They are always happy to see me, never care what time it is or if I’m delayed. They are just unabashedly joyous that I’ve come home.