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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tradition of Excellence - Making time for what's important

This is a special thank you to Merrell Bailey, the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar and all my friends who made Friday night's award reception at the Florida Bar convention memorable. I am so touched and honored to have the opportunity to receive this prestigious award. I can't begin to tell you what it means to me. What I can tell you is that every single person who is important to me had a hand in making this happen and I appreciate that, very much.

I have more ideas than time to implement them. For those that know me, you are probably saying - really, you have ideas? I make lists of ideas. I have big ideas, little ideas, realistic ideas, unrealistic ideas - my ideas have ideas. What I don't have more of - like everyone - is time. We all get the same amount, every day - a mere twenty four (24) hours.

How we choose to use our twenty four (24) hours is what sets us apart. I believe we all have time to do the things that are important to us. In fact, if it's important enough, we will "make" the time. That's how we get things done and prioritize what we are willing and unwilling to do. I make it a priority to spend time with my pets - my dogs, my cats and my horses. I make time to ride every week - unless I'm out of town. I make time to exercise, to read, to write in my journal, to blog. And you are the same - you make time to do the things that are important to you.

When someone says, "I don't have time," what they are really saying is, "I'm not willing to make the time for this activity. This is not a priority for me." Although I may not always like the response, it's not for me to determine someone else's priorities.

Also at the top of the list for getting things done is my favorite topic, delegation. I may not be able to do everything myself, but with help, I can leverage my time and get lots more done. How do you think Oprah gets everything done that she's accomplished? She doesn't do it all herself! She has an army of people make her look great and accomplish great things.

My best advice to anyone starting out in business is to figure out what absolutely, positively has to be done by you - and do that. What doesn't have to be done by you can probably be done by someone else, at a lower cost. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was from Anita Coburn, one of my dad's friends. She said, "Buy off those things in life that cause you stress." Wiser words of wisdom do not exist. As a result, I get help cleaning my house, feeding my pets when I can't be home on time, and ALL of the things that help my office to run smoothly.

I have a great team - in fact, "the best team ever!" Every single person is integral to the effective operation of The Law Offices of Hoyt & Bryan, LLC. It has taken years to develop our team - and we are constantly adding new team members, improving our level of service. It is primarily to my team that I owe a debt of gratitude. They help me accomplish so much - really leverage every minute we have of the business week. I really appreciate them and what they allow me to accomplish.

So, thanks to the team. The team at my office, the team at my home, the team at the Florida Bar, the team that is the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section, the team that consists of my friends and supporters, the team that comprise my clients. Thanks for everything!

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