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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missouri! The state that showed me!

Ever been to Missouri? I didn't think I had, not realizing that Kansas City is in Missouri and not in Kansas - duh. Anyway, I've been here for a few days with friends Teresa Morgan, Barb and Frank Maloney of McClenny, Florida and Terry Hill of the Florida Bar. We were here on a scouting trip on behalf of the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section in order to figure out what the MO Bar is doing so right to get so many people to attend their Solo Small Firm Conference. We arrived here on Wednesday after several flight delays - getting in and out of MO is harder than you think but more on that later.

The conference was really great. We met a ton of really nice people. We learned a lot of take back to Florida and to the Florida Bar. We think we can now do a better job than ever putting together a super conference for our membership. We got to experience the Lake of the Ozarks. It was actually really, really nice.

So after a few days of hard work, we were ready to head home. Only problem was the airport is about 1.5 hours from the Tan-Tar-A resort, the luncheon meeting ran long - until 2:30 ish and our plane was at 4:30. Still seemed like we had plenty of time. Did I mention when we flew in there was one airline - Delta (not my favorite before this and even more so now), two car rental agencies and a baggage claim area the size of my living room? At any rate, we arrived 27 minutes before our flight only to discover that we were locked out (by Delta's computer) from getting on our flight. Now mind you, it's the only airline and there are about 10 people on this flight. They are still in the boarding area, haven't boarded and we still can't get on the plane. I even talked to the pilot who had absolutely no sympathy for our situation. So now I'm stranded in Columbia, MO without a prayer of getting home tonight. The closest alternate airports are about 2 hours away and I can't make another flight tonight without trying to kill myself, get multiple speeding tickets, etc.

The interesting part is there is a young reporter at the airport. He's both the reporter and the camera man. He observes out whole predicament. I'm practically in tears and fuming. Teresa is handling this much better than me. I really wanted to go home! I miss my animals and planned on riding in the morning. This reporter decides to interview Teresa. Much better idea than interviewing me - especially if Delta doesn't want their name all over the MO airways. Now she's on at 6 and 10p.m. in Columbia
We are trying to make the best of a bad situation. We sit here at Bennigan's enjoying a martini, some quesadillas and looking forward to the movie, Bridesmaids The local Marriott took pity on us and gave us a room with a hot tub. Looks like things are looking up....stay tuned.

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