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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seven Silly Superstitions About Cryonics Trusts

Maybe you've never heard of cryonics? If you have, you may not have considered cryonic preservation for yourself or loved ones. Cryonic preservation is generally defined as being preserved in a frozen state until such time as technology would permit a person's revival to a fully functioning state - memories and all. Although this might sound like the stuff of a science fiction move, truth can be odder than fiction.

Rudi Hoffman, CFP presents a straight forward (if not blunt) approach to some superstitions (myths, if you will) about cryonics trusts. A cryonics trust or as I call them, Personal Revival Trusts are used for the purpose of preserving assets well into an unknown future. Medical technology is progressing (and pretty rapidly in my opinion) in this area. The medical community can do things today they only recently dreamed about. The legal community (particularly those interested in the idea of cryonics) is working hard to try and anticipate and understand all the interesting nuances preservation and revival will ultimately generate. I'm fascinated by the unique legal issues cryonics trusts present. We don't currently have all the answers but we are creating trusts today for the purpose of meeting the needs of our clients in the future.

Seven Silly Superstitions About Cryonics Trusts

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