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Monday, June 6, 2011

Arnold’s Riches Likely to Take a Big Hit

This is an interesting case. The assumption is that all wealthy people have done proper estate planning, as well as pre-marital planning. This is not always the case. They have access to lots of lawyers, but don't necessarily take advantage of professional advice in matters of the heart. I'd be interested to know what shape their estate planning is in, just as an aside. Anytime a person contemplates a second marriage, it makes sense to get advice regarding the future disposition of assets in the event the relationship doesn't last. There might just be too much at stake not to consider all your options. After fully educating yourself about the pros and cons of planning, then make an informed decision. We advise clients to "plan for the worst and hope for the best - anything else is wishful thinking." Too much does and will happen that we don't expect in life. It only makes sense to prepare for the worst. Then if you get the best, no harm was done.

Arnold’s Riches Likely to Take a Big Hit

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