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Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank Everybody for Everything

Thank Everybody for Everything - Grow Your Life and Business with Gratitude, that's the name of my newest book, co-authored with Debbie Roser. Debbie is an attorney colleague as well as a colleague in SendOutCards. We are getting to close to finalizing the book and going to print for a release date in September 2009. Look for us on Amazon and other online book sites. The book will also have a companion journal, Gratitude Expressions, a five-year journal to record daily blessings and appreciations.

The purpose of the book is to share with friends, family and colleagues the importance of gratitude and appreciation in our daily lives. You can improve the quality of your life and your business with sincere appreciation and gratitude. One way we are doing that in our law practice is to get into the habit of sending a heartfelt card anytime we make a new acquaintance, receive a referral, hear about an illness, death or sadness in someone's life. Likewise we want to celebrate the good things that happen in people's lives - graduations, business promotions, new homes, etc.

We look forward to sharing with you. Thank you in advance for your support.

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