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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Social Media

I'm fascinated with social media. Notwithstanding, I've got to say I'm totally confused. I want to be functional with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogspot and Avvo. That's my goal. But, unless you live with a teenager or have a close connection with a young person, finding information to actually make these tools work is mind boggling. I finally got my marketing assistant, Kendra, to spend some time with me this afternoon to review my sites and help me get going. I left Wordpress as my blogging spot because, frankly, I just couldn't figure it out.

I've tried to find some online tutorials and everything just tell you what the sites are, how they can potentially be used, but not how to make them work to your advantage. Kendra and I have decided we are going to work on a tutorial to teach people the top ten things they need to know about each site.

Hope you are having a great day! I'll tweet you soon.

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