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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Horses in Need

I spent the day looking at horses with my friend, Lisa. She has a been a riding partner of mine for more than 15 years. Her trusty mount, Shalizar - a full Arab, is now in his 20's and although he still has plenty of pep, isn't always reliably sound. So, we are seeking another horse to ride/train/compete.

It's unbelievable what's available in the form of horseflesh right now. Clearly there are more horses than there are homes. There are daily stories of people simply abandoning their horses or turning them loose to fend for themselves.

Just this week a friend, Diane Delano who runs Wild Horse Rescue in Mims, Florida sent out a plea for help. She has more horses than she has funds to care for them. Not enough people are supporting not for profit rescues and too many people expect that someone else wants to take on their responsibility for a pet/animal when they no longer have the time/resources, etc. to properly care for the pet. Diane does an awesome job - she's got 28 horses available - not all Mustangs either. Personally, I am a huge Mustang fan - I have two - but they require a certain dedication that most people don't have.

Earlier today, Lisa and I travelled to Ocala, Florida - true horse country - to look at a little 1/2 Arab/1/2 Andalusian mare. What a beautiful sweet horse - with push button manners. Unbelievable that this little beauty would end up in rescue. She can be found at Starting Over Ranch run by Melissa, a young woman who is clearly dedicated to finding the right home for the animals she serves.

Horses, dogs and cats everywhere need help today. If you can help, please send your donations to these groups. I also support several other rescue organizations that are also more than deserving - please visit Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, Days End Farm and Angels Have Whiskers

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