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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How Big is Your Dream?

How Big is Your Dream?

I’m building a Dream Team—Interested?

Last week I attended the SendOutCards conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. This came on the heels of attending the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Collegium in San Antonio, Texas and the General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section Executive Council meeting for the Florida Bar in Tampa, Florida. Needless to say, I’ll be happy to be home. Nonetheless, the week was inspiring in so many ways.

SendOutCards has to be one of the finest multi-level marketing organizations in existence today. I have never met so many genuinely nice, positive and motivated people. Everyone has a smile and a ‘how can I help you” attitude. For me, there could be nothing better as I strive to live in a world of gratitude and abundance.

Kody Bateman (a/k/a Kody B when he’s rapping) is the founder and CEO of SendOutCards. He has set the bar high but has dedicated his life to creating a company whose mission and purpose are to create personal connections and help people act on their promptings. The theme of this year’s conference was United We Send. An unbelievable 2,500 people were in attendance for three days of non-stop, heart-pounding action. Guest speakers included Stedman Graham (probably best known as “Oprah’s man”), Les Brown (a fantastic motivational speaker) and T. Harv Ecker (author of The Millionaire Mind). There was something for everyone.

My Card Divas partner, Teresa Morgan and I qualified for the VIP Challenge last quarter so we received some extra special treatment. There were special tee-shirts, an exquisite dinner at La Caille, reserved seating and a chance to walk across the big stage and high-five both Kody Bateman and Les Brown. A major part of the convention was to recognize the achievements of individuals who are the stars and rising stars of the SendOutCards organization. We were proud to be included.

One highlight of the trip was the opportunity to visit the SendOutCards headquarters and see where and how the cards are printed, stamped, stuffed, mailed and paired up with gifts. What an amazing group of people to make all that happen. All card and gift orders are accumulated until midnight. Then the presses begin to roll. Each card is individually reviewed for accuracy. Everything is sent out that day for immediate delivery. It was awesome!

Conventions are also opportunities to make big company announcements and this was no exception. Kody announced a new target market for SendOutCards—women and the home party market. Women account for 80% of all cards and gifts that are purchased. Until now, it appeared that SendOutCards was primarily focused on small business owners and professionals and that hasn’t changed. Today, through a new product offering, SendOutCards has removed all barriers to potential users and distributors and has announced the SOC Box. The SOC Box is an affordable opportunity to join the SendOutCards movement. For $49, the SOC Box grants the user a limited SendOutCards license and includes ten (10) free greeting cards (including the fabulous Picture Plus option) with postage. In addition, for a small additional fee ($25), SOC Box purchasers can become Retail Affiliates and earn an income stream by introducing others to the SOC Box. With the holidays right around the corner and card sending season upon us, SOC Box is the answer.

SendOutCards will also, once again, be featured in the October/November 2009 edition of Success From Home magazine. This issue will highlight the SOC Box and will invite the masses to join the crusade at SendOutCards. Also featured in the magazine are SendOutCards super stars and their success stories. Super model Kathy Ireland is also featured and tells readers how much she loves SendOutCards.

Stedman Graham had some words of wisdom to share with the convention attendees. He says:
We are all created equal—we all get 24 hours in a day. What do you do with yours?
You have to change your thoughts, to change your talk, to change your walk.
You are not your circumstances, you are your possibilities.
You are your environment, the people you surround yourself with, what you read and what you watch on TV. Choose wisely.

He reminded me of something I heard Charlie “Tremendous” Jones say once, “Five years from now you’ll be the same person you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.” I took that to heart and I read something positive everyday and try to meet as many interesting people as possible. SendOutCards radiates that same philosophy.

Les Brown taught us that education and circumstances don’t have to define the man (or woman). What you believe, you can achieve. You can have anything you focus on. I believe that with all my heart. Even Matthew 7:7 tells us, “Ask and you shall receive.”

T. Harv Eker taught us that everything is a duality. What you think on the inside, will appear on the outside, in your physical world. He said your emotional, mental and spiritual focus will ultimately manifest itself in your material world—what you surround yourself with. If you think small, you’ll live small. If you think big, you can and will live large.

He said each of us is born with a money blueprint. We probably got it from our parents—in other words, what they taught us about money. If we were taught that money is hard to come by, it will be. If we were taught that money is easy to obtain, it will be.

Your thoughts plus your feelings plus your action equals RESULTS! And the thoughts we think start in our money blueprint programming. The good new is this program can be changed! But first, you have to change your thoughts.

Victims are easy to identify—they’ll generally be doing one of three (3) things: 1. Blaming someone else for their circumstances (“it’s my parents fault”), 2. Justifying their circumstances (“money’s not that important, anyway”), or 3. Complaining about something.

Harv says that complaining is the worst thing you can do for your health or your wealth. What you focus on expands. When you complain you become a “crap magnet.” He challenged us with an assignment—no complaining for at least seven (7) days. That’s both on the inside and on the outside. Now, when I catch myself starting to complain, I try to start the sentence with, “I wish…” rather than, “I hate,” or “I can’t stand it when.” Can you give up complaining for seven (7) days? I dare you to try!

He told us the secret to success is to BE A SUCCESS! I love this—because you create your own reality. Perception is reality, so be careful what you think about. Think positive, live positive. Think negative, live (and die) negative. It goes both ways. You change your life when you change your mind!

Harv also said, “If you can win at anything, you can win at everything.” However, there is a corollary, “If you can lose at anything, you can also lose at everything!” How do you lose? You quit. You adopt a philosophy that the grass is greener somewhere else and you consistently pursue the wrong things. Harv says, “Grass is grass! It’s not greener somewhere else.” He also said a very profound thing, “If you can’t make it at SendOutCards, you can’t make it anywhere.” Nowhere is there a greater opportunity for success!

I believe what he said is true. If you combine mission with purpose, you get success. Rich, happy and successful people make a fortune while fulfilling their mission in life. The purpose and mission of SendOutCards is to help people act on their promptings—to create heartfelt connections with other people. What better mission or purpose is there? I can’t think of one. Wouldn’t the whole world be a better place if we were all connected? What better way to be connected than to receive a heartfelt card and/or a gift from someone who cares? You don’t have to spend a fortune or take a lot of time—but the difference you make can ultimately change the world. Your world, and someone else’s.

So, I’m building a Dream Team. I’m attracting people that are happy, positive, loving and want to make a difference in the world. It will also help if you wouldn’t mind making a lot of money along the way and achieving success like you never before believed possible. Believe. Don’t think, just do. Join me, I’m waiting for you.

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