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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No hassles, No worries - just sent my cards out

The holidays always seem to be busy crazy. In year's past it has taken me weeks of effort to get my holiday cards sent. Then, sometimes, if there isn't enough time, they don't get sent at all. Not the case this year (or last). As a SendOutCards distributor I create my card, verify my list and hit the send button! Holiday card dilemma solved - no hassles, no worries. I can even send Christmas gifts from the comfort of my home or office along with a personalized card. This year, for the first time, SendOutCards is offering picture books, calendars, posters, dream boards and canvas photos!

I hope everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity to be with family this season. Joe and I just returned from both Tennessee and Virginia - lots of driving, but still a good time. We had dogs, Leiden and Sienna, with us - added to the fun! Lol!

Would love to hear from all my friends at the holidays! Have a blessed season!

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