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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Teresa Morgan is Running her Butt Off for Anal Cancer

One of my very best friends is Teresa Morgan. There's a lot to know about her - she's an accomplished attorney, my business partner in SendOutCards, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a great friend to Joanne Duke. Joanne is one of Teresa's closest friends from high school.


Joanne has anal cancer. So did Farrah Fawcett. This is not a sexy disease that you hear about often. As a result, money for research is critical if we are ever going to cure this killer.

About a year ago, Teresa thought it would be a great idea to walk the New York Marathon as a way to raise money and awareness for anal cancer. She convinced a group of us we should all do this. Well the New York Marathon is so popular, you can't just sign up. You have to sign up and get in a lottery. Well, out of the lottery, Teresa was the only one from our group that was picked!

Teresa was inspired - she's not just walking the New York Marathon, she's running. We walked our first half marathon in March 2011 when we entered the Orange Blossom Half Marathon in Tavares, Florida. Well, Teresa was right out there, running right from the start. Another friend, Missy Lee, who has been Teresa's running buddy and trainer throughout this event, was right along side her. Debbie Roser and I stuck to the original plan and walked - we came in dead last.

We haven't been able to stop Teresa since. She's committed to running in the New York Marathon and finishing. To "Finish is to Win" as they say in endurance horseback riding. I know she will!

What we need is your support - financially. Not for Teresa, but for anal cancer. Please watch the short video Teresa produced to tell you about her upcoming race.

I would like to challenge all of our attorney friends to give $100 to help support Teresa in this effort. You can donate here!

Thanks for your support!

Source: via Socie1 on Pinterest

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