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Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't Ignore the Easiest Place to Find Customers

I love this article because it talks about two of the most overlooked marketing mistakes: 1. Not thanking people for their continued patronage and 2. Not realizing that it's easier to keep an existing client than it is to go and find a new one. This is one of the primary reasons that I try everyday to think of ways to stay "top of mind" with my referral sources and clients. Here are a couple of quick ideas:
1. Constant Contact E-newsletters. You can use the power of email to deliver an easy to create, easy to send reminder that you are still out there. Think of a few important things to say and send it out. I know we all get a lot of email but we still read the ones that are relevant to us.
2. SendOutCards. Send a card to thank everybody for everything! There are lots of reasons to send cards including acknowledging you are thinking about someone, sympathy, get well, thanks for the recommendation - well, you get the picture. SendOutCards is the easiest, most cost effective way to send cards. You can create a card online in just a few minutes for less than a dollar - and send it from anywhere you have access to a computer. You can even send a gift! Now, you can even send a video - how cool is that?
3. Educational workshops. The best way to introduce yourself to a prospective client or continue to build trust with an existing client is through educational workshops. Choose a relevant topic, prepare a presentation and invite away! We've done educational workshops for the whole of our career and still believe it to be the best way to communicate in person with everyone.

Keep those cards and letters coming! Have a great day.

Don't Ignore the Easiest Place to Find Customers

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