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Monday, May 9, 2011

Do Pets Need to Share in the Death of Another? | petMD

This is a question I've pondered myself. I think some pets do need to acknowledge the loss of a loved friend. This may be particularly true for horses. My dogs don't seem to mind when one dog goes off for the day. Sure, they are happy to see the dog return, but they don't grieve when they are gone. On the other hand, all horse owners have experienced the anxiety displayed by a horse left at home. Take one out for a ride, leave the other at home. The one at home will whinny its heart out calling to the other. As herd based animals perhaps their attachment to one another is stronger. My vet recommended recently that if one of my horses were to die, it would be a good idea too allow the others to acknowledge the death before burying the horse. That way they get to know what has happened to their friend. I'm going to go with "Yes" on this one. Pets should share in the loss of a companion pet.

Do Pets Need to Share in the Death of Another? | petMD

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