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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When Pets Outlive Owners, 'Retirement Homes' Offer Refuge

Veterinary schools are starting to offer perpetual care programs to address this very specific, but real need. Planning for your pets is essential. You cannot assume your family or friends are willing or able to take care of your pets. They are your pets and they are your responsibility. I encourage each and every one of my clients to include their pets in some way as part of their estate planning. In addition to the suggested veterinary school suggestions, you can make a specific distribution of the pet to a trusted family member of friend. You can make a distribution of your pet along with a sum of money for the lifetime care of the pet (a better option. Or you can create a trust for the lifetime care of their pet naming a trusted caregiver, trustee and perhaps an Animal Care Panel(tm) for overseeing both the trustee and the pet caregiver. Bottom line, it is essential you have a plan for your pet. You can get more information in "All My Children Wear Fur Coats - How to Leave a Legacy for your Pet."

When Pets Outlive Owners, 'Retirement Homes' Offer Refuge

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