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Monday, April 4, 2011

Attention solo and small firm legal practioners!

If you missed this weekend's Solo and Small Firm Conference held at the Hyatt in Weston, Florida, then hopefully you'll join us next year. This conference was awesome, with more than 100 attendees, lots of fantastic speakers and awesome sponsors. The General Practice Solo and Small Firm Section of the Florida Bar hosts this annual event and you are invited! If you want to do more, be more and have more, this is the place for you. This is not another dry and boring legal seminar teaching technical subjects. This is where you learn how to hone your entrepreneurial skills and become a truly successful business person - and not just one who spends their entire life at their desk. Balance between work and play is essential to our daily growth, happiness and satisfaction.

Stand out speakers were Steve Riley teaching us how to control entrepreneurial seizures and make significantly more money. I've been a fan of Steve's for many years and he has taught me a tremendous number of ways to be more successful. We also heard from Adriana Linares, one of the best speakers on technology, bar none. She's both bright and beautiful, with amazing tips on how to use our technology to be more productive. She was joined by Nicole Black, author of Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier. Nicole gave us very practical social media tips, as well as ethics. I was thrilled to meet her as I based much of my presentation on her book. Steve Teppler told us all about e-discovery and meta data - he knows just about everything there is to know on the topic. Jim Collins and Randall Borkus talked to us about the importance of collaboration as solo - frankly you just can't know it all - you just have to know who to call. Rick Georges had great tips on social media and discovering information about witnesses. He reminded us how much information is available on the Internet - not just about people we want to know about, but for people who want to know about us! Watch what you post! Kevin Johnson, a member of the Executive Council had an excellent presentation on 21st Century Employment Law - now that's a guy you want to have on your team!

I've not mentioned everyone, but we appreciate the efforts of all of our speakers! I'm ready to hit the ground running this morning with lots of things "to do" on my list.

See you next year!

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