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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Waiting on Sassy

I recently lost my beloved Corgi, Corkie. Not a very original name but her full registered name was Corkie's Twilight Star. She was born on Twilight Trail on September 18, 2001. This was coincidentally the exact same day that Leiden (Leiden's Misty Morning) was born. I only know because they are the only AKC registered dogs I have ever owned. One bought from a neighborhood breeder, one rescued. Corkie was always an absolute delight - funny little dog. She had the best personality. I read once that Corgis were the clowns of the dog world. Until you own one, you'll never really know what that means. She loved to play a game we call "dead armadillo" where she would roll on her back, all fours in the air and keep perfectly still. She would do this until we would laugh hysterically. She loved to play fetch. You could throw the ball for hours and she never got tired of the game. She loved when the older dogs would chase her. She would try and get them into a game of chase by running up, jumping on them, and then running away. Our dog Tiger would occasionally "drag" her around by her collar. She never seemed to mind. She also loved to ride on the four wheeler. I'd put her right up front, both feet on the gas tank, wind blowing in her face. She just loved it and anytime someone came over on a four wheeler or a golf cart, she was right there begging for a ride. In December 2012 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She died at home on February 25, 2013, and is buried in a special place in our yard. We plan to install a memorial tree in her honor. The other day I was on Facebook and somehow ended up on the site for Sunshine Corgi Rescue. One of the dogs that came to my attention was a senior female, a tri color with a tail named Sassy! Joe and I always said we would love to have a tri color with a tail! How perfect is that? So, I made the application. Now I'm waiting through the reference interviews and tonight, a home visit. I'm glad Sunshine Corgis is doing their due diligence but waiting is hard. We were hoping to get her right away so we can start our new life together! Hoping all will work out soon!

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