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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Like a Library Burning" by Scott Farnsworth and Peggy Hoyt mentioned in Margaret May February 2013 Newsletter

 Margaret May has highlighted "Like a Library Burning - Saving and Sharing a Lifetime of Stories" by Scott Farnsworth and Peggy Hoyt in her February 2013 newsletter.  Scott Farnsworth and I wrote this book as a means to focus on the importance of preserving family legacies - either in written form, in a voice recording, or with a video or other creative way.

My father, John A. Hoyt, always said he was going to write a book called,  "Letters to My Children."  As the oldest of his four daughters I, of course, assumed it would hold some interesting insights about me and our relationship.  I was anxious for him to do get busy and write this very important book.  Sadly, he never got around to writing the book but a few years before his death, my sister Julie Hoyt Dorman and I compiled a collection of letters, sermons and speeches he had written throughout his lifetime in a book entitled "I Live But Once."

Don't wait until it's too late to capture those precious memories that are gone forever when a loved one dies.  Order your copy of "Like a Library Burning" today.  You can order from or contact my office for an autographed copy.

You can read Margaret May's newsletter here: 
E-News from Margaret May - February 2013

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