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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Glad the Casey Anthony Trial is Over

Seems like the only thing anyone could talk about today was the Casey Anthony trial. Personally, I'm glad it's over and ready to have her sentencing finished today. Then maybe Central Florida can find something else to talk about instead of focusing on one subject that ignites strong emotions - mostly bad ones.

I hope our justice system did it's job. Apparently that's what her parents said, they just wanted justice. I hope they feel like they got it.

Around the corner will be the civil suits. Unfortunately, this may keep people talking about the case for quite a bit longer - kind of like OJ. Only he ultimately had to answer to the Universe as I'm sure she will too.

Let's all try to find something positive and uplifting to focus on today - like a new puppy or a the wonders of a child. Give the people you love the attention and praise they deserve.

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