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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Goodbye Dave Green

I lost a friend on Friday. Saying goodbye is never easy, never expected. Dave was stoic for a long time about his illness - didn't want anyone to know, to pity him or to act differently around him. I was invited into the inner circle - someone he did share his concerns with. I am honored. I was included partially because in addition to being his friend, I am his attorney. I love my clients and find that many of them become like Dave, friends. When our firm adopted our motto, "Partners in Planning, Friends for Life" it wasn't just something we said without really meaning it. And that's the best part - becoming really good friends with really special people. It's a true blessing and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Every day a new friend enters my life. We have time for everyone and everything we make a priority. I make time for friends.

I wish Dave a safe and peaceful journey. I feel his presence and appreciate his goodness. He is loved by so many. His life was truly blessed. Godspeed Dave.

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